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Raelyen Hareket

Seminerler: Asya



Welcome to the 45 anniversary of the first encounter between Maitreya Rael and Yahweh, the president and representative of the extra-terrestrial scientists known as the “Elohim”, when they told him how they made all life on earth, including “man in their image”, thousands of years ago. Together we will celebrate this historic encounter with love, laughter and kindness, because that is the essence of the message that Yahweh gave to Maitreya for humanity.

This meeting 45 years ago was the beginning of the Raelian Movement, a wonderful adventure that we are all part of, and which is catalysing the peaceful transformation of humanity from a primitive warlike group of tribes into the golden age of freedom, love and supraconscioiusness.

This encounter also represents the final chapter of a succession of meetings between the Elohim and the prophets of old, who were their contactees, charged with passing on their message of love, adapted to each epoch.

Finally in this age of science, where we are beginning to experiment with DNA ourselves, we can understand how we were created in laboratory by these expert scientific artists, and how these creators love us like their children and hope to meet us at The Embassy.

So this encounter is both the end of the darkness and the beginning of the new light, the first rays of a new dawn for humanity, and it is right and fitting that it should happen in the land of the rising sun.